These articles about dogs and cats have been written and collected especially for you, the organic, holistic, dog and cat "at-home" healer.

Each article targets your most frequently asked natural pet health concerns, offering common sense answers, safe and effective drug-free alternatives, and simple How-To solutions.

Cat With Toy

Cancer in Dogs and Cats

Little Girl Pet Lover
Cancer In Dogs and Cats
Cancer Symptoms in Dogs and Cats
Natural Wellness Even for Cancer
The Immune System and Cancer Care for Dogs and Cats

Cats Only: Flea bites, Hairballs, and Pain

Cat Found – Now What? Ten Tips to a Happy Reunion
Cat Safe Flea Spray – Found!
How To Recognize Pain In Cats
Kidney Disease in Cats
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Cat Breeds?
Natural Cures for Cat Hairballs
Natural Worm Treatment for Cats
Understanding Cat Behavior: Why Does My Cat … ?
Why Our Natural Cat Flea and Tick Control Uses No Essential Oils

Detox for Dogs and Cats

Petting a Dog
Do we really need a DETOX for dogs and cats?
Environmental Toxins Toll on Your Dog or Cat
This Natural Dog Detox Works on the Whole Dog

Diabetes in Dogs and Cats

Canine Diabetes, Feline Diabetes: Six Symptoms To Look For
Cat and Dog Diabetes Controlled with Medicinal Herbs
Diabetic Cataracts in Dogs
My dog just got diagnosed with diabetes, is it safe to use natural herbs with insulin?
Our Herbal Dog Detox Targets Blood, Liver, Kidneys, Gall Bladder, Colon, Lungs and Skin
Cat on Couch

Dog and Cat Dental Care

Alcohol In Dog Dental Sprays, Good or Bad?
All-Natural Dog Dental Care:A Healthy, Affordable Alternative With Less Stress, Less Mess
Bad Dog Breath Causes and Cures
Choose Your Dog Dental Product Wisely
Dangers of Alcoholic Dental Sprays for Dogs and Cats
DIY Cat Dental Care
Do-It-Yourself Dog Dental Care
February is Pet Dental Health Month
Gingivitis In Dogs and Cats
How DentaSure Removes Plaque

Dog Ear, Eye and Skin Problems

Dog Running With Tongue Out
5 Dog Eye Problems: Focus on Herbal Remedies
5 Dog Skin Problems – 5 Natural Remedies
Dog Ear Cropping: Cosmetic Care or Animal Cruelty?
Dog Ear Infections – Symptoms, Causes and Treatments
Keeping Your Dog’s Vision Clear
The Best Natural Cataract Medicine for Dogs and Cats Just Got Better!

Dogs Only: Kennel Cough, How to Trim Dog Nails, Grooming Guide

Prevent Lyme Disease in Dogs
Puppy Parenting Tips: The Rebellious Teenage Years
Teach Stop Barking Steps to Your Dog
Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer
Volunteer to Raise a Service Dog
Why Brush Your Dog Daily? Here are 5 Good Reasons
Your Dog Is Not a Potted Plant: 6 Easy Tips to Include Your Dog in Your Daily Activities
Your Dog’s Incredible Sense of Smell

Fleas and Ticks

All Natural Pet Flea Killer Also Kills Ticks, Lice, Mites and Bed Bugs
Cat Safe Flea Spray – Found!
Controlling Fleas and Ticks: The Holistic Approach
Fleas: Dirty Secrets, Disturbing Information, and Things You Don’t Want To Know
Home Health Check for Dogs and Cats
How to Eliminate Cat Worms
How To Kill Fleas: Five Surefire Solutions, One Responsible Choice
How to Prepare for a New Pet
Is Animal Testing Used in Your Dog Or Cat’s Flea and Tick Product?
Is Your Flea Killer Safe… Naturally?
Prepare Your Dogs and Cats for Fall
Quick and Easy Dog Grooming Guide
Summer Activities to Do with Pets
This Natural Flea Spray Works Better than Chemicals
Why Natural Products are Important for Pets
Why Our Natural Cat Flea and Tick Control Uses No Essential Oils

Holistic Pet Care

Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats
Cat and Dog Wellness
Does anyone know of an alternative holistic thyroid medication?
Holistic First Aid Kit Checklist for Your Dog or Cat
Holistic Pet Care for a Healthier Family
How Natural Wonder Pets Products are Made
Is Black Walnut Hull extract safe for dogs?
Natural Wonder Pets Makes Commitment to Charity
Small Business, USA Made Pet Products
This Natural Dog Detox Works on the Whole Dog
Dog Hug

Immune System in Cats and Dogs

Little White Dog
Building a Healthy Cat or Dog Immune System
Cat And Dog Immune System
Even Healthy Dogs & Cats Need Immune System Support
The Immune System and Cancer Care for Dogs and Cats

Parasites and Worms, Non-toxic Worm Remedies

Can Dog Worms and Cat Worms Infect Humans?
Can I use a natural remedy for dewormer for my senior dog?
How Dog Fleas Lead to Dog Worms
Natural Worm Treatment for Cats
Non-Toxic Worm Remedies for Dogs and Cats

Rescue a Dog or Cat

5 Ways to Help Your Local Animal Shelter
Cat Found – Now What? Ten Tips to a Happy Reunion
Could You Save Your Dog from Choking?
CPR on Pets -Your Mouth-to-Snout Rescue Guide
What To Do With an Unwanted Pet
Will You Rescue a Pet for the Holidays?
Kitty Hiding

Save Money on Pets

10 Dangerous Things for Your Pet In Your Home
Basic First Aid For Dogs and Cats
Helping Your Child Cope with the Death of a Pet
Home Health Check for Dogs and Cats
How to Give a Stubborn Dog or Cat a Pill
How To Remove Pet Stains on Carpet and Upholstery
Pet Grieving: How Pets Mourn the Loss of a Companion
Preventive Care for Pets – 10 Household Hints
Protecting Pets from Household Poisons
Tips and Recipes that Help the Pet Medicine Go Down
Top Ten Tips to Save Money on Pet Care
When Pets Fly – How to Ship Your Dog or Cat by Airplane
Why Pet Lovers Live Longer, Healthier and Happier

Think About It

Animal Self-Medication: Do Wild Animals Heal Themselves?
How Does Animal Communication Work? Ask Your Dog!
Munchausen By Proxy With Pets
Veterinary Care Goes Human Grade
Alert Dog

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