Is Citronella Safe for My Pets as Insect Repellent?

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Many pet parents would agree that summer is the best time of year because we get to take our pet(s) outside to explore new places. However, there is (at least) one major downside to the season: BUGS. Fleas, ticks, mosquitos, gnats, flies, spiders and the list goes on! Not only are these bugs irritating to us and our furry friends, but they can also carry and transmit diseases between and amongst us, yuck.


According to a recent survey, the most commonly used repellent in U.S. households is DEET (bug) spray.


Followed closely, the second most commonly used repellent in U.S. households is citronella candles.


The third most commonly used repellent in U.S. households is a form of 'natural' repellent spray.

TripleSure Flea and Tick Spray

TripleSure is an all-natural flea and tick spray made for both dogs and cats. So, how does that help with the other bugs? Well, not only does this product work hard to defend against fleas and ticks, it also deters many other bugs like mosquitos, flies, and spiders by relying on pet-safe, plant-based Octopamine blockers that repel and even kill insects. In other words, TripleSure is a bug spray made specifically for your pets, which will allow you all to safely spend time outdoors without attracting disease riddled bugs, hallelujah!

Products that may be harmful to your pets:

As humans, we tend to rely on products like concentrated bug sprays or citronella candles and oils to keep the bugs from getting to us, but these products are not often safe to use on our pets. For example, many citronella products are actually toxic and can cause harmful side effects for your pet. These side effects can be as minimal as adverse skin reactions or as serious as severe poisoning.

So, what do we do to protect our pets from these pests? A product from Natural Wonder Pets called TripleSure, that’s how.

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But wait, there's more!

TripleSure can also be used in and around your home to prevent bugs and insects from getting inside. Use it liberally and as needed, because it’s totally safe and non-toxic to you and your pets. Order TripleSure in our 16oz bottle with a trigger spray handle, or our gallon concentrate that can make up to 6 gallons!

TripleSure Customers:

Let me be the first to tell you that I have tried almost all flea and tick "natural" products out there. Every time they have failed to actually stay away from my pup. Well, Natural Wonder Pets was a totally different experience! I am now a purchaser of the gallon concentrate and it has never failed us. This product IS NATURAL and it IS EFFECTIVE - mark my words!

Flies were crazy this year! I knew if the flies were that bad, who knows how bad the fleas are for our dog. But with a baby and a toddler at home, I wanted to find a remedy that wasn't that God awful chemical smelling cream (you know the stuff!). I'm happy we came across TripleSure from Natural Wonder Pets! It's organic, chemical free and safe to be around children. Don't let that fool you though, it works to help keep fleas, flies and even ticks at bay for our Great Pyrenees mix!

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