5 Reasons Why You Should Adopt a Cat

Adopting A Cat Could Be the Purrfect Choice For Your Home

Have you ever considered adding a furry friend to your family? If not, let us introduce you to the delightful world of cats. These enigmatic, independent, and downright adorable creatures can bring a plethora of benefits to your household. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or a first-time adopter, here’s why bringing a cat into your home might just be the best decision you’ll ever make.

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1. Companionship and Stress Relief in One Furry Package

First and foremost, cats are fantastic companions. Despite their reputation for being aloof, many cats form strong bonds with their owners, following them from room to room and greeting them with friendly meows. This companionship is more than just heartwarming—it’s therapeutic. Research published in BMC Psychiatry shows that pets provide emotional support and comfort, reducing feelings of loneliness and stress. Petting a cat can release calming chemicals in your body, promoting relaxation and healing, which is why their gentle purring often feels like nature’s own stress relief soundtrack.

2. The Low-Maintenance, High-Reward Pet

One of the greatest perks of owning a cat is their low-maintenance nature. Unlike dogs, cats do not require regular walks or constant attention. They are independent animals who are content to entertain themselves for hours, making them ideal for busy professionals, apartment dwellers, and those who may not have the physical ability to care for a more demanding pet. Provide them with food, water, a clean litter box, and a cozy spot to nap, and they’ll be your happy and self-sufficient companions.

3. Health Benefits That Go Beyond the Purr

Believe it or not, owning a cat can actually be good for your health. Studies have indicated that cat owners may experience a lower risk of heart disease. A study from the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology found that cat owners had a lower risk of dying from a heart attack compared to those who never owned a cat. The act of petting a cat can reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure, making these furry friends true heart-helpers in more ways than one.

Since cats give so much to your health, it's even more important to return the favor by taking care of theirs. Products like DailySure Multi-Herbal for Cats and Primalix Immune® Herbal Extract, Functional Food Drops for Dogs and Cats are a great place to start to for giving them the well-being they deserve!

DailySure Multi-Herbal for Cats

  • Our daily supplement providing essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs to support overall health, including immune and digestive health.
  • Includes USDA Certified Organic and Ethically Wild-harvested herbs from native lands
  • Contains essential herbal extracts like Turmeric Root, Dandelion Root, Milk Thistle Seed, and Ginkgo Leaf.
  • Alcohol-free and completely safe thanks to the proprietary extraction solvent

Primalix C-Care is an effective herbal formula for supplementing dietary needs and restoring wellness in cats and dogs.

  • Holistic blend of Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Indian Rhubarb Root, Cat’s Claw Bark, and Turmeric Root
  • Ingredients have been used traditionally for centuries in supporting humans, cats and dogs
  • Active nutrients work to promote homeostasis and regenerate healthy cells
  • Alcohol-free and completely safe thanks to the proprietary extraction solvent of organic vegetable glycerin (very low glycemic load), apple cider vinegar, and crystal-clear water
  • Easy to use Functional Food Drops can be added to any wet or dry food or given directly to your pet

DentaSure All Natural Oral Care

  • A dental care solution scientifically formulated to maintain oral hygiene
  • Ingredients have been used traditionally for centuries in supporting humans, cats and dogs
  • Made from all-natural ingredients without any artificial additives
  • Helps in reducing plaque and tartar buildup, freshens breath, and promotes healthier gums and teeth.

TripleSure All Natural Flea and Tick Spray

  • Composed of herbal and essential oil ingredients that repel fleas, ticks, and other pests
  • Combining Cedarwood oil and peppermint oil create a natural flea control spray that keeps you and your pet free from pesky insects
  • Safe enough for use on kittens and puppies, yet strong enough for use on horses

We offer BUNDLES!

With these incredible products, from our New Paws on the Block Bundle enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your new cat will be protected, happy, and healthy!

  1. DailySure Multi Herbal
  2. DentaSure
  3. Primalix Immune
  4. TripleSure

This is the perfect bundle to help ensure your new feline has the jumpstart they need to a healthy, happy life.

4. Entertainment and Pest Control Rolled Into One

If you’ve ever had a mouse problem, you’ll appreciate this benefit. Cats are natural hunters, and their presence alone can deter rodents. Their hunting instincts also lead to endless entertainment for you. Whether they’re chasing a laser pointer, pouncing on a feather toy, or simply getting stuck in a box, cats provide a constant source of amusement. Their quirky antics and playful behavior are not only enjoyable to watch but also enrich their own lives, keeping them happy and mentally stimulated.

5. Teaching Responsibility and Supporting Animal Welfare

For families with children, adopting a cat can be a great way to teach responsibility. Kids can learn valuable life skills by helping to care for their feline friend, instilling a sense of duty and compassion. Adopting a cat from a shelter or rescue organization also supports the broader cause of animal welfare. Many of these cats have been abandoned or rescued from difficult situations, and by giving them a loving home, you’re providing them with a second chance at life. Moreover, the adoption fees often go towards supporting the shelter and helping other animals in need.

Adopting a cat is a decision that comes with a multitude of benefits, both for you and your new feline friend. From companionship and health benefits to pest control and endless entertainment, cats are the ideal addition to many households. Plus, by adopting from a shelter, you’re making a positive impact on the environment and supporting animal welfare.

When the time is right (which is obviously right now), there’s no better way to welcome your new feline friend into your home than with the Natural Wonder Pets "New PAWS on the Block" bundle! Provide your cat with the best start in their new forever home.

So, what are you waiting for? Head down to your local shelter and meet your purrfect match today. Your future feline friend is waiting to bring joy, laughter, and love into your home.

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