Protecting Your Pets Heart: National Heart Month

National Heart Month: pets too! This February isn't just the time for Valentines Day, it's also American Heart Month - a month when we should ...
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Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty Rewards Program Points will be assigned automatically for each purchase For each $1 USD spent, you earn 1 point. 20 points = $1 UDS ...
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Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, why is my cat so obsessed with thee?

Well, it's for a few reasons... Perhaps the most obvious being the fact that it's new to them and their environment. And not only is ...
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Why is the Immune System so Important in Cancer Care for our Pets?

Immune Strength One of the most common health problems our pets can experience is a weakened immune system. This condition can manifest in minor issues ...
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Reasons Why Shelter Dogs are the Best

Adopt don't shop. October is national "Adopt-a-Dog-Month," and what better dog to adopt than one that's been in an animal shelter waiting patiently for its ...
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Pet Dementia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Pet Dementia Believe it or not, Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome - commonly known as dementia - affects both humans and animals, especially in the later years ...
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Is Citronella Safe for My Pets as Insect Repellent?

Many pet parents would agree that summer is the best time of year because we get to take our pet(s) outside to explore new places. ...
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Fireworks & Your Pet

Fireworks & Your Pets Protecting Your Pet this 4th of July The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and I can already hear ...
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How Natural Wonder Pets Products are Made

Companies often struggle with sharing how their product is made. It's as if the moment that 'how it's made' is shared, the company fears many ...
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Finding the Right Supplement Regimen for Your Cats & Dogs

It's here. We've officially entered the "New Year, New You" season of 2023, and this year, my resolutions are looking a bit different than in ...
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