Loyalty Rewards Program

Loyalty Rewards Program

  • Points will be assigned automatically for each purchase
  • For each $1 USD spent, you earn 1 point.
  • 20 points = $1 UDS
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Why Join Loyalty Rewards?

Stay in the know with Natural Wonder Pets monthly blogs, news, and promotions! Our loyalty program isn't just about discounts — our loyalty program also offers exclusive perks that enhance your overall customer experience. Including early access to new products or sales, special members-only discounts, and preferential customer service.

Customers will be able to collect points during each purchase, which can be later turned into a discount on future purchases.

How to join?

  • Make your first purchase, an account is automatically created for you.
  • Assign your own password and rewards start collecting on their account automatically.
  • Login to your account when you purchase and begin collecting rewards!

Fight off Cancer Naturally! 

Cancer should be thought of as an invader in our pets’ bodies. We can take aim and try to kill it, but if we don’t also work to stimulate our pet’s own immune defenses, our course of treatment might not be as effective as it could be. That said, working to treat cancer goes hand in hand with immunity boosting.

Supplements like Primalix Immune® and Primalix C-Care®  act together to reinvigorate the immune system and help fight off cancer.

Four bottles of products that make up New Paws on the Block Bundle

We offer BUNDLES!

With these incredible products, from our New Paws on the Block Bundle enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your new pup will be protected, happy, and healthy!

  1. DailySure Multi Herbal
  2. DentaSure
  3. Primalix Immune
  4. TripleSure

Bundle our Primalix Immune® and Primalix C-Care® in our Natural Defense Bundle as they act together to reinvigorate the immune system and help fight off cancer.…

Herbal Formula Supports Immune Systems

  • Primalix Immune is an all natural, holistic herbal formula that supports healthy cat immune and dog immune systems
  • Easy to use Functional Food Drops can be added to your dog or cat’s food or given orally
  • Cat or dog immune systems defend against vulnerability and allow the body to balance and heal itself naturally
  • Ingredients also used by ancient healers to tonify the brain, cleanse the blood, and strengthen the liver and kidneys

Primalix C-Care is an effective herbal formula for supplementing dietary needs and restoring wellness in dogs and cats.

  • Holistic blend of Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Indian Rhubarb Root, Cat’s Claw Bark, and Turmeric Root
  • Ingredients have been used traditionally for centuries in supporting humans, cats and dogs
  • Active nutrients work to promote homeostasis and regenerate healthy cells
  • Alcohol-free and completely safe thanks to the proprietary extraction solvent of organic vegetable glycerin (very low glycemic load), apple cider vinegar, and crystal-clear water
  • Easy to use Functional Food Drops can be added to any wet or dry food or given directly to your pet

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