Summer Activities to Do with Pets

Summer is officially here. Warmer days, sunshine and outdoor events are fun for humans. But what about pets? Here are a few ideas for some ...
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Why Natural Products are Important for Pets

As humans, we have access to a variety of natural products for skincare, dental care and other health needs. But that's not always the case ...
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Bundles Are Back!

Our natural pet products are great options for the furry family members in your life. These hand-made, small batch products are created from herbs and ...
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The 30 Day Trial with CBD Oil and a High Anxiety Cat

If you're a human being living on planet earth, chances are you've probably heard of CBD by now. But what is it exactly, and does ...
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Natural Wonder Pets Makes Commitment to Charity

At Natural Wonder Pets, we were inspired by the #BettyWhiteChallenge. What a wonderful challenge! Dedicated to animal humanity, Betty White spent a lifetime raising funds ...
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Celebrate Dog and Cat Breeds of All Kinds

There’s no doubt about it: we pet owners love our cats and dogs, no matter what breed they are. This month, we here at Natural ...
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DIY Cat Dental Care

Between 50-90% of cats ages four and up have dental disease. Unfortunately, that means the odds are your cat may be experiencing some dental problems. ...
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13 Hour Road Trip with 2 Cats Journey Wrap Up

Well, my hypothesis was correct. Driving a 13 hour road trip with two cats was not for the faint of heart. Sure, I had plans. I ...
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10 Ways to Show Your Pets Love This Valentine’s Day

Who loves you more than your pet? This Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to show your pets the same love they show you every day. But ...
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February is Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month. This month represents an opportunity to brush up on your pet’s dental hygiene (pun intended!). Here are few helpful ...
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