Celebrate Dog and Cat Breeds of All Kinds

There’s no doubt about it: we pet owners love our cats and dogs, no matter what breed they are. This month, we here at Natural Wonder Pets are taking time to celebrate dog and cat breeds of all kinds.

Why We Love All Kinds of Cats

Anyone who has ever been owned by a cat knows how much better they make our lives. Yes, they tend to think they’re far superior to us mere humans. But they can be so loving and snuggly too. Some cats even act like dogs, drinking out of the water faucet or chasing their own tails.

And these antics happen across all types of breeds. Interestingly enough, the exact number of cat breeds is a little hard to pin down because various organizations report different numbers of cat breeds. The Cat Fanciers’ Association for instance officially recognizes about 45 cat breeds. They include some recognizable ones like Bengals, but also some exotic-sounding breeds like Khao Manee.

Showing Dog Breeds Some Love

Dog guardians love their canines every bit as much as cat guardians love their felines. Typically, dogs are a bit friendlier and more eager to please their humans. Oftentimes, dogs wait faithfully for their humans to return every time they leave the house. And those big, slobbery kisses definitely let us know that we are incredibly loved by our dogs!

When it comes to dog breeds, The American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes about 200 of them. In fact, the AKC even lists out all of these breeds and the year that they were officially recognized by the organization. Pointers, for example, were a breed of dog recognized by the AKC all the way back in 1878. The newest dog breed to be recognized by the AKC is the Biewer Terrier.

Celebrate Cats and Dogs of All Breeds

Whether you have a purebred cat or a dog with a variety of breeds in its background, we have no doubt you love your pet. That’s true for us here as well. (We even love our cats so much we take them on 13 hour road trips!)

We also want to show our love for your cats and dogs this month. We’re having a sale on our natural pet remedies, so you can restock your favorite pet supplies. The more you buy, the less you pay—buy two items, get $10 off; buy three, get $20 off; or buy four or more for $25 off.

Share Your Love for Cats and Dogs With Us

Want to get in on our celebration of dog and cat breeds of all kinds? Send us the breed of your pet, one thing you like most about that breed and your favorite pet photo (it’s hard to pick just one!).

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