February is Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month. This month represents an opportunity to brush up on your pet’s dental hygiene (pun intended!). Here are few helpful reminders about your pet’s dental health.

Why Pets Have Dental Problems

Dogs and cats don’t brush their teeth in the wild. So how can they have dental health issues? It boils down to diets for our indoor pets. As they consumed the wild animals they hunted, the mix of proteins, fats and bone or cartilage worked to clear away tartar naturally.

These days, our pets generally feast on dry kibble or wet canned food. Neither of these foods are great at sloughing away tartar and plaque, so it falls to humans to take care of their pet’s dental hygiene.

Consequences of Poor Dental Health

Cats and dogs can get gingivitis if their teeth aren’t taken care of properly. It’s important to take steps to prevent your pet from ever getting gingivitis in the first place, since it can lead to other dental problems and pain or discomfort for your pet.

Preventive Dental Care

To ward off potential dental problems, give your pet’s teeth a regular cleaning. A toothbrush with pet dental toothpaste works well, but some pets won’t tolerate that. In that case, use a moistened cloth instead.

Be sure your pet has plenty of chew toys which can further promote good dental health. Supplements can also aid in keeping gingivitis at bay.

Additional Dental Health Options

Part of good dental hygiene includes having fresh breath. That’s because bad breath can actually be caused by dental problems. If your dog has bad breath, it’s likely quite potent. It could be that he’s eaten something he shouldn’t have. But if your dog’s foul breath is a recurring problem, consider a few things that may help.

Regular teeth cleanings with a vet can work wonders for Fido’s breath. However, some dogs may need anesthesia for this, so most cleanings should happen at home. You may also want to consider DentaSure, which is an all-natural dental spray for both cats and dogs that gets rid of tartar, helps prevent cavities and more.

Pet Dental Health in February and Beyond

As you can see, pets may experience a variety of dental health issues. You take care of your pet in every other way, so don’t forget to help them with their dental health care in February and all year long.

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