How to Help Pets Recover from the Holidays

There’s no doubt that the holiday season is joyous, yet also a bit stressful. That is doubly true for those of us with beloved pets. We worry about them all the time, and about whether they’re happy or stressed out. Here’s how to help pets recover from the holidays.

Get Pets Back into Post-Holiday Routines

If you let your typical routines slide during the holidays, you’re not alone. Even with the best of intentions, our pets’ routines might have fluctuated during the season. If that’s the case, work on getting you and your pets back into your daily routines.

That might include taking Fido for a walk as soon as you make your coffee. Or it might include regular afternoon playtime with your cat to burn off her excess energy. Make sure you get feeding times back on track, too.

Consider Extra Attention for Your Pets

Sometimes the chaotic joy of the holidays can stress out your pets. You may want to think about providing some extra snuggles or additional play time for them. Most pets need some regular interaction with their humans, and sometimes providing a little more attention goes a long way to soothe their anxiety or stress.

For example, you could take an extra five minutes on your walk with your dogs. You could also allow for some extra snuggle time with your pets once you arrive home from work. This extra attention can help settle your pet back into everyday life as you both recover from the holidays.

Buy a New Toy or Treat

Your pet may have experienced a lot of stress and anxiety with the seasonal festivities of the last few weeks. Help him or her recover from the holidays with a fun new toy or treat. Adding a new toy can help stimulate your pet’s mind and provide something fun for them to look forward to. And treats are a great way to reward your pet for being good, whether during the holidays or year-round.

Recovering from the Holidays

Just like humans, pets can benefit from a little recovery time after the holidays. Pay special attention to them and be intentional about getting them back into their routines. Providing a new toy or treat can be a great way to help your pet recover from the holidays. And as any pet owner knows, a happy pet makes for a happy human.

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