Cat and Dog Wellness

Requires Daily Structure and DailySure™ Multi-Herbal

Cat and dog wellness can be improved by daily structure – true or false?

Having a routine to follow makes humans more disciplined, productive, and confident according to mental health experts.

But what about dogs and cats who haven’t a care in the world? Do they benefit from routines?

The fact is structure not only helps your cat or dog live a better life, but it can make life easier, healthier and happier for you the pet parent as well.

How Daily Structure Helps Pets

Like humans, pets have a basic need to feel secure. Knowing what to expect from their owner helps them feel safe, protected, and loved.

When dogs are given structure, they respond with good behavior and confidence. When cats are given structure, they respond as well, but in their own unamused, independent way. Structure gives dogs and cats a sense of purpose and helps them accomplish tasks expected of them. In short, dogs and cats thrive on structure.

Without structure, though, a pet’s daily life unfolds aimlessly and in an unnatural way. Pets that don’t know what to expect lack trust and can become fearful and insecure. They might act out these negative traits with antisocial or destructive behavior. As frustrating as that may be for dog and cat owners, it’s no surprise. People who have little or no structure in their lives respond in much the same way.

Ways to Structure a Pet’s Day

Providing your furry friend with a daily routine doesn’t have to be a complicated or time-consuming ordeal. You don’t need to fill every hour of the day with doggy and kitty activities.

Routines for pets can be as simple or as complex as you care to make them. The important thing is to give them a steady schedule each day so they can learn to depend on certain activities and be prepared for them.

For example, you may start your pet’s day with a bowl of food, fresh water and a brisk walk for doggie or playtime for kitty. Follow this with several hours of quiet time then maybe a midday treat, outdoor time, and a nap.

The evening might consist of dinner, a brushing session, and bed. Routines for cat and dog wellness can also include a training activity, a game of fetch or cat-and-mouse, or a daily job like accompanying you to the mailbox, bringing in the newspaper or picking up toys.

But routines don’t just pertain to activities. Routines are mentally and physically linked to changing sounds, sights, smells, temperatures and nutritional needs as days turn into months and seasons progress into years.

Feeding meals at approximately the same times daily is both a routine and an opportunity for responsible pet parents. Daily meals can now become nutritional opportunities to fortify your best friends with daily essential herbal nutrients. We recommend DailySure™ Multi-Herbal Extract – Functional Food Drops™ – for optimum, lifelong cat and dog wellness.

Breaking Your Pet’s Routine Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

Routines can and do get broken from time to time. Sometimes these breaks can cause confusion for the pet. If your pet suddenly exhibits a new behavioral problem, it’s often due to a change in routine without that change being fully communicated. Pets can lose their feelings of security and confidence when routines are broken.

Still, breaking a routine isn’t always a bad thing. For example, when introducing new skills to a dog during a training session, he will likely become confused at first. It may be necessary to take a few steps back. Slowly build on the old familiar skills before moving forward again.

With time, these new skills will become predictable patterns and your dog will regain his confidence. Practicing patience, diligence, and understanding can boost cat and dog wellness by quickly overcoming psychological problems associated with routine changes.

Sometimes a break in routine can do a pet wonders. Simple diversions like a trip to the pet store or a visit to the park help stimulate the mind and provide unexpected excitement. This can keep them from getting bored, lonely and destructive.

Even giving your dog or cat a day off every now and then will do some good. Surprise him or her with a visit to a friend’s house, a day trip to the lake, or a spot in the car on your next road trip. Your pet will appreciate the new environment and the quality time spent with you.

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