Bundles Are Back!

Our natural pet products are great options for the furry family members in your life. These hand-made, small batch products are created from herbs and an all-natural process! Product Bundles that Pair Well We’re so excited to offer them up again in our popular bundle packs! Our product bundles consist of products that pair well …

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DIY Cat Dental Care

Between 50-90% of cats ages four and up have dental disease. Unfortunately, that means the odds are your cat may be experiencing some dental problems. These DIY cat dental care tips will help.

February is Pet Dental Health Month

February is Pet Dental Health Month. This month represents an opportunity to brush up on your pet’s dental hygiene (pun intended!). Here are few helpful reminders about your pet’s dental health.

Winter Care for Pets

When it comes to winter, our pets experience negative side effects just like humans. Cats and dogs with arthritis could experience worsening pain. And they can even catch a cold or virus. That’s why it’s important to provide the appropriate winter care for pets. Arthritis in Winter Humans commonly experience a worsening of their arthritis …

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How to help with a Cat UTI

How to help with a cat UTI (urinary tract infection) with supplements, vinegar, etc? I have a cat who may have urinary crystals or stones. Her urinalysis was positive for infection and she got antibiotics. She did better but a month on she has resumed pee accidents and when she uses her box the pee …

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