Bundles Are Back!

Our natural pet products are great options for the furry family members in your life. These hand-made, small batch products are created from herbs and an all-natural process! Product Bundles that Pair Well We’re so excited to offer them up again in our popular bundle packs! Our product bundles consist of products that pair well

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Winter Care for Pets

When it comes to winter, our pets experience negative side effects just like humans. Cats and dogs with arthritis could experience worsening pain. And they can even catch a cold or virus. That’s why it’s important to provide the appropriate winter care for pets. Arthritis in Winter Humans commonly experience a worsening of their arthritis

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Curing Kennel Cough In Dogs

Kennel cough in dogs is known medically as infectious tracheobronchitis, a type of bronchitis that affects canines. It is most common in kennels because the infection is easily spread among a population of dogs. The condition is also referred to as bordetella due to the type of bacteria involved. Although this respiratory condition can have

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Your Dog Is Not a Potted Plant: 6 Easy Tips to Include Your Dog in Your Daily Activities

Can you include your dog in more of your activities? You and I are no strangers to the love of a dog. Dogs can brighten our days with their eager-to-please attitude and loyal companionship … so long as we can fit them into our busy schedules. Unfortunately, in real life, we’re often too busy to

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Veterinary Care Goes Human Grade

As veterinary care goes human grade, following the lead of human medicine, the veterinary medical field has experienced an explosion of new technologies and techniques that offer many innovative options for the care of animals. These improvements are allowing pets to live longer, more active lives, with less pain and better quality of life even

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Munchausen By Proxy With Pets

As an herbalist with a special interest in natural health care for dogs and cats, I get to observe many different relationships between owners and their pets. Over the years I have seen a small number of pet owners exhibit a certain bizarre psychological behavior. This behavior follows the classic symptoms of Munchausen By Proxy

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