How to help with a Cat UTI

How to help with a cat UTI (urinary tract infection) with supplements, vinegar, etc?

I have a cat who may have urinary crystals or stones. Her urinalysis was positive for infection and she got antibiotics. She did better but a month on she has resumed pee accidents and when she uses her box the pee comes out forcefully. The vet wants to repeat the test and do an X-ray and then God knows what. I predict the cost to be minimal of 1K by the time this is helped, and no guarantee of it not happening again. This is nuts!! So, I am looking at apple cider vinegar, cranberry powder, and home PH tests. I’d appreciate anyone’s opinions or experience with naturally approaching the feline UTI.

(Ferndale, MI)

Hello Amy,

Thank you for your question, our natural, organic herbal remedy for cats with urinary tract infection is Primalix Number 1. Please take a look!


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