Why Our Natural Cat Flea and Tick Control Uses No Essential Oils

Knowing why to choose a natural cat flea and tick control that uses no essential oils is what separates cat likers from cat lovers. Most responsible cat people already prefer a natural flea remedy over a chemical one. But true cat fanciers are also aware of the possible toxic buildup of certain herbal constituents in natural flea and tick solutions due to […]

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Natural Worm Treatment for Cats

Chemical or Herbal Medicine for Roundworm Finding a natural worm treatment for cats – one that’s cat-safe and actually works! – can challenge even the best of us feline fanciers. Pesticide-based medicines made by the big drug companies may not be our pet’s safest option. And we would really appreciate a remedy that naturally eliminates and prevents all internal parasites,

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Kidney Disease in Cats

Kidney Disease in Cats: Causes, Symptoms and Helpful Herbs Kidney disease in cats is the number one killer among our aging felines. Also known as kidney failure or chronic renal failure, it involves the slow deterioration of the kidneys, usually accompanied by hyperthyroidism. Development of Chronic Renal Failure in Cats Kidneys are composed of thousands of

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Cat Safe Flea Spray – Found!

Is a cat safe flea spray an actual thing? Cats are as susceptible to fleas, ticks, mites, and other infestations as dogs are, but it can be more difficult to safely protect your cat. All kinds of risks are associated with conventional medications, especially in pets with epilepsy or who are breeding. Cats are more

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Veterinary Care Goes Human Grade

As veterinary care goes human grade, following the lead of human medicine, the veterinary medical field has experienced an explosion of new technologies and techniques that offer many innovative options for the care of animals. These improvements are allowing pets to live longer, more active lives, with less pain and better quality of life even

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Munchausen By Proxy With Pets

As an herbalist with a special interest in natural health care for dogs and cats, I get to observe many different relationships between owners and their pets. Over the years I have seen a small number of pet owners exhibit a certain bizarre psychological behavior. This behavior follows the classic symptoms of Munchausen By Proxy

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