Natural Worm Treatment for Cats

Chemical or Herbal Medicine for Roundworm

Finding a natural worm treatment for cats – one that’s cat-safe and actually works! – can challenge even the best of us feline fanciers.

Pesticide-based medicines made by the big drug companies may not be our pet’s safest option. And we would really appreciate a remedy that naturally eliminates and prevents all internal parasites, not just one or two of them.

So here is a natural herbal remedy for cat worms that will safely kill and flush away multiple internal parasites including our featured worm, Roundworm, one of the most common worms in cats.

And you thought it was spaghetti

More often than we might suspect, cats are afflicted with intestinal parasites known as roundworms. There are two species of roundworm known to infect felines. Toxocara cati is the scientific term for the most common type of roundworm infection in cats. Toxascaris leonina is less common in cats, but may be found in both cats and dogs.

Roundworms are parasites that swim freely in the cat’s intestines and feed from the contents thereof. Roundworms are three to six inches long and resemble spaghetti. They are sometimes seen in the animal’s vomit or passed in the stool. Since roundworms compete with the cat for food, the cat will become malnourished when the worm infestation is left untreated.

You are what you eat

Cats can become infected when they swallow eggs that contain infected larvae. The eggs can be found in the feces of infected cats or in the hosts they consume while hunting. Roundworms can be found in hosts such as rodents and birds. Infected female cats can transmit the parasites to kittens through their milk when nursing. The infective larvae of roundworm eggs can also be present in soils.

Symptoms of Roundworms

Symptoms of roundworms include:

  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • weight loss

Vomiting is present particularly when there is a heavy infestation of roundworm.

  • The coat may be dull, rough and in generally poor condition
  • An infected cat may exhibit a decrease in appetite
  • Kittens with roundworm may appear to have a potbellied appearance

Severe cases of roundworm can lead to conditions such as intestinal blockage or pneumonia that may result in death in kittens or older debilitated cats.

What to do

All dog and cat owners should consult their veterinarian at least annually for a check up. Conventional de-worming treatments use harsh chemical pesticides but are relatively simple and inexpensive. The dead worms pass through the stool after the use of de-worming medication. Typically, two to three treatments are needed to kill the immature eggs.

The medication may be given at two or three week intervals as prescribed by your vet. Some medications are repeated monthly since adult cats remain at risk of developing re-infestation throughout their lives. The prognosis of roundworm disinfection is good if medicine is administered promptly.

What about a natural alternative?

Many holistic veterinarians are turning to a natural worm treatment for cats and dogs called FourGuard Herbal Parasite Formula. This USDA Certified Organic four-herb “home remedy” comes in capsules (powder) and liquid as Functional Food Drops which you simply add to wet or dry food. FourGuard is perfectly safe for cats and kittens. It works from the inside out by making your cat a clean, healthy, uninviting host for internal parasites of all kinds.

What else to do

Pet owners can lower the risk of roundworm infestation by controlling pests such as rodents and by removing pet feces promptly. Feces should be removed from litter boxes daily and the area cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis. Although indoor cats are not immune to roundworms, keeping them inside can help prevent infestation through their natural hunting behavior. 

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