Reasons Why Shelter Dogs are the Best

Adopt don't shop.

October is national “Adopt-a-Dog-Month,” and what better dog to adopt than one that’s been in an animal shelter waiting patiently for its forever family? And considering over 3 million dogs are surrendered to shelters each year (ASPCA), you’ll certainly be able to find the perfect pooch at your own local shelter and feel good about doing so!

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Why chose a shelter dog?

Aside from saving a precious life, why else would you want to adopt a dog from a shelter? Well, for one, you’d be helping break the vicious cycle of pet overpopulation, and for two, you’d be helping to stop the cruelty of mass breeding facilities. Beyond that, you’d also be supporting a valuable charity in your very own community that works hard to help these less fortunate pets receive good, proper care while they await adoption.

But wait, there’s MORE. Most shelter dogs have also already been spayed or neutered, have all of their up-to-date vaccines, and may possibly even be microchipped for added safety. And since there are dogs of all sizes and ages available at shelters, you could even find one that has surpassed the puppy stage and is nearly fully house-trained. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Meet Thumper! 

We rescued Thumper from Homeward Bound Rescue out of Monticello, MN. All we had to do was complete an online application, including two personal references, and wait to be contacted by the shelter for further instruction (which happened in just a day or two).

Next, we scheduled a time to meet Thumper at his foster home to determine if he would be a good fit for our family. Of course, as soon as we met him, we were ready to pay his adoption fee and take him home! It’s important to note that adoption fees vary from shelter to shelter and dog to dog. Additionally, some shelters may require you to visit and meet the dog before getting to take him/her home, so be sure to ask what process your shelter uses ahead of time!

Where to get started:

Our sweet boy Thumper is a 1.5-year-old smooth coat collie, and he came to us as a stray from Oklahoma. We don’t know much more about Thumper or his past, but we do know we can’t wait to take the best care of him and give him so. much. love.

To get started, we turned to Natural Wonder Pets and their new Paws on the Block Bundle. This set of products is perfect for anyone who just adopted their first pup and includes a bottle of each of the following products: DailySure Multi Herbal, DentaSure, Primalex Immune and TripleSure.

Talk about full snout to tail coverage!

DailySure Multi Herbal is like a vitamin for your dog – yes your pet can benefit from vitamins, too! It comes in a tincture that you can easily drop onto their food or in their water.

DentaSure is an all-natural oral care product that comes in a gel or a spray, depending upon your pet’s preference and/or needs.

Primalix Immune is an herbal remedy to strengthen your dog’s immune system. This product also comes in a tincture that you can easily drop onto their food or in their water.

TripleSure is an all-natural flea and tick spray that can be used on your pet and in your home. This product comes in a spray bottle and can be used liberally to keep the fleas and ticks off and out!

Four bottles of products that make up New Paws on the Block Bundle

New PAWS on the Block bundle includes four products:

  1. DailySure Multi Herbal
  2. DentaSure
  3. Primalix Immune
  4. TripleSure

With these incredible products, I know we will be able to keep Thumper happy and healthy for the rest of his years!

Now if we can just keep up with his energy…

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