Our Herbal Dog Detox Targets Blood, Liver, Kidneys, Gall Bladder, Colon, Lungs and Skin

Liquid dog detox cleanse with Multi-herbal Multi-System action.

Every day in the United States about 150,000 tons of industrial waste is pumped into the air we breathe.  

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) tells us that over 90% of our exposure to dioxins (byproducts of PVC production, industrial bleaching and incineration) comes through the food we eat including beef, dairy products, milk, chicken, pork, fish and eggs. 

The National Assessment of Tap Water Quality found over 270 contaminants (including rocket fuel, arsenic, and pesticides) in our nation’s tap water.

But now there’s a safe, effective, non-toxic, head-to-tail cat and dog detox that can help our precious pets defend against:

Allergens – Radiation – Carcinogens – Harmful chemicals – Toxins and Free Radicals – Volatile Organic Compounds (Methane gases) – Heavy Metals (Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead)

What is it?

  • Relivel (Reluh-vel) is a truly holistic, whole body, cat and dog detox for all domestic dog and cat breeds
  • Only the Relivel formula targets seven (7) critical biological systems/organs at the cellular level including the blood, liver, kidneys, gall bladder, colon, lungs, and skin
  • 100% drug-free, side-effect-free, alcohol-free, USDA Certified Organic whole herbs used 
  • Unlike other detoxicants, does not remove vitamins or minerals
  • Does not kill beneficial gut bacteria
  • Comes in convenient Functional Food Drops TM

Key Benefits

  • Helps normalize pH levels (A slightly alkaline body is a healthy body whether it belongs to a dog, cat, or human.)
  • Ancient and traditional herbs that are “specific” to the organs targeted
  • Helps a body defend against common “bugs” (Blocking replication that can lead to illness.)
  • Improves digestion and nutrient absorption (Mal-absorption of nutrients brings on nutritional deficiencies which often lead to worsening issues.)
  • A proper diet and Relivel may help normalize blood-sugar levels (A positive step if you are also dealing with diabetes in dogs and cats.)
  • Defends against allergies (This is Nature’s way of fortifying the body to flush away mercury, cadmium and lead which interfere with metabolic pathways that lead to the production of Histamine and Leukotrienes.)
  • May even combat the effects of aging (Oxidative stress and exposure to chemical toxins interfere with the body’s metabolic and regenerative functions. Detoxifying with Relivel keeps our companion dogs and cats looking and feeling young and healthy.)

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