Building a Healthy Cat or Dog Immune System

How to Build a Healthy Cat or Dog Immune System

A healthy cat or dog immune system in your furry friends is something you can build. Promoting and preserving cat and dog wellness is all about bringing the immune system into a delicate balance and keeping it there.

A significant part of the body’s survival mechanism, the immune system, protects dogs, cats and humans from infected cells, parasites, fungus, viruses and bacteria. The immune system needs to be in the peak of performance to prevent toxins from attacking the body, to destroy transmuting viruses and to overcome attacking bacteria upon demand.

Weak and Low Immune Systems

A dog or cat diagnosed with a weak immune system is unable to fight off disease. The immune system allows destructive organisms to pass through cells, affecting the body in a negative manner. This generates unhealthy disorders, diseases and illnesses. Slightly less severe is a system with a low immunity, referred to as a weakening of the immune system.

Weak immune systems allow the body to become ill with infections of many types including

  • yeast infection
  • eczema
  • arthritis
  • ear infection
  • food allergies
  • wounds that are slow healing
  • acute or chronic fungi
  • demodectic mange

A weakened cat or dog immune system is usually caused by poor quality food that lacks real nutrition, combined with a stressful lifestyle or personality. This combination adds to the toxic load our pets battle daily from environmental and industrial contaminants.

Once toxicity levels reach overload capacity, nutrition and a good dog food will certainly help but will not fix the problem. Toxins need to be removed and a stress-free lifestyle adopted. Keep the immune system strong and healthy by maintaining a good immune supplement, an effective dog detox, and a healthful dog food.

Herbs Heal Cat or Dog Immune System

Did you know that plants have immune systems too? Not only that, but plants are made up of cells that perform like a network of human nerves. Plants receive and distribute information about light intensity and quality. This information stimulates a chemical reaction in a leaf which causes a chain reaction of cellular signals that runs through the entire plant.

One research study at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in Poland found that “memory” for varying light conditions actually exists in plants. They believe this allows the plant to prepare its own immune system against pathogens.

Medicinal herbs have long been known to exert beneficial actions on specific organs in the body. These actions or “healing instructions,” written into the plant by Nature many eons ago, are “remembered” and put to work in a safe and effective process of achieving balance or homeostasis that no artificial drug can equal.

Herbal Immune Solution

Many dog and cat lovers have discovered an effective herbal immune-modulator that originated approximately 2,500 years ago. Ancient sages observed animals in the wild consuming various herbs throughout the seasons. These observations were recorded and handed down from one medicine man to another, one generation to another.

Today this formula is made with the same ancient process of slow, full-spectrum herbal extraction. Only USDA Certified Organic herbs are used in a unique blend of Astragalus, Dandelion Root, Licorice Root, and Miatake, Reishi, and Shiitake mushrooms. This combination of medicinal constituents will quickly bring a cat or dog immune system into natural balance in the safest way possible. Drops of the alcohol-free herbal nutrients can be added to any type of food (for humans or animals) whether the food is wet or dry.

For holistic veterinarian recommended cat or dog immune system balance, try our Primalix® Immune Herbal Extract – Functional Food DropsTM.

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