Can My Dog Go From Thyroid Meds to the TSH?

My 13 year old shitzu has been on thyroid meds for about 2 years now & im wondering if I can switch to the Primalix Thyropaws when her prescription is gone? If so, how long do I wait for the transition? She's also taking the primalix Immune everyday- can these be mixed? I want to go all natural because I recently had a scare with K9 Advantix on my 6 year old shitzu (thought I was going to lose him & he still seems to be suffering a bit). No more pharmaceuticals for my babies if I can help it!

(Waimea, HI USA )

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for sharing your question. While our policy is to not interfere with current veterinary treatment including prescription drugs, many of our customers have switched successfully to our natural remedies without any problem.

Dogs, and cats to a lesser degree, have a relatively high metabolism and a short digestive system that moves food quickly from one end to the other. One advantage of fast elimination is that the body also readjusts quickly to whatever "normal" is for it and can take on a new drug or herbal healing agent within just a few days.

Customers who have switched from a prescription thyroid med to our Primalix Thyropaws reportedly have done so the next day or within a few days of tapering off one and onto the new medicine.

Thanks again for your contribution.


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