Looking for Love in All the Wrong Cat Breeds?

Had it up to here with loving a cat who doesn’t love you back? When she rubs her face against you, is she showing affection or just wiping those blobs of eye goo onto your pant leg?

Then there’s that rumor about how some cats actually love to curl up in your lap and purr and knead you with their paws, but yours does none of that.

Okay, maybe it’s time for a new cat. But first, remember, you made a lifetime commitment to your current cat, and a deal is a deal. To abandon one cat in an effort to find love in another cat may explain why you’re still looking for love. It doesn’t work that way.

So with that stipulation in mind, let’s stop looking for love in all the wrong cat breeds and start looking into these 10 most people-loving meowzers:

1. Burmese

British and American Burmese cats are slightly different in appearance, but both have athletic bodies and come in a range of different colors – chocolate, red and blue. They have playful, loving personalities and exhibit some behaviors more commonly associated with dogs. For example, they have a desire to retrieve items for their owners and can be trained to follow basic commands. They love to ‘talk’ to their owners and observe people as they move around the house. Added bonus: they generally behave like kittens well into their old age. 

2. Rex

Rex cats are an acquired taste in the looks department. They have enormous ears and a very short, curly coat. However, they are extremely affectionate pets who have outgoing, excitable personalities and absolutely love to show off. They are very athletic as well as goofy, and some people describe them as a cross between a cat, a dog, and a monkey. 

3. Manx

Manx cats are famous for having no tail. In truth these cats sometimes do have tails though they may be short or stubby. If you choose a Manx, you will have a curious, outgoing pet that forms a strong bond with its owners. However, owners of Manx cats often report that they have some difficulties when adjusting to a new home. They may not be the right choice for you if you plan on moving to a new place on a regular basis.

4. Persian

Persians are famous for their thick coats and distinctive faces. They are ideal pets if you are looking to bring an affectionate cat into your home. Persians are relaxed, cuddly and passive, so they may be especially suitable for families with younger children. 

5. Birman

Birmans are very curious and bright cats. They have pale coats and their points can be a wide range of colors ranging from dark brown to pale lilac. They form strong bonds with their owners and, if you choose a Birman, you are likely to find it waiting for you at the door when you return home from work.

Somali Cat

6. Somali

You may not have heard of the Somali, but they are attractive cats with golden brown fur and large, fluffy tails. Somalis love human companionship so much that they like to follow their owners around the house. It can be hard to get them to leave your lap in order to eat their lunch or dinner. Like Burmese cats, Somalis tend to retain youthful characteristics well into adulthood, playing with toys in a way that reminds you of a kitten. 

7. Abyssinian

Abyssinians are stunning, graceful cats with short red coats. In addition to being affectionate, these cats are highly intelligent and loyal companions who surprisingly love swimming. It is worth noting, however, that Abyssinians can be difficult to find and as a result expensive to acquire. 

8. Exotic shorthair

Exotic shorthairs are more or less the same as Persians, but they have short coats that need less grooming and maintenance. They display gentle and consistent affection towards their owners and are unlikely to bite or scratch.

Maine Coon Cat

9. Maine Coon

Maine Coons are longhaired beauties with thick, bushy tales and affectionate personalities. These cats are active, playful and constantly interested in human companionship.

10. Ragdoll

Ragdolls are named after their tendency to become floppy and pliant in the arms of their owners. In addition, they can be trained to come when their names are called. They love to play, and they enjoy sleeping on laps.

If your ideal cat is affectionate and sociable, maybe you should stop looking for love in all the wrong cat breeds. Invite one of these 10 most loveable cat breeds into your home.

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