Summer Activities to Do with Pets

Summer is officially here. Warmer days, sunshine and outdoor events are fun for humans. But what about pets? Here are a few ideas for some fun summer activities to do with pets this time of the year.

Talk a Walk with Your Pet

Summer is the perfect time to exercise outside. After months of winter, some fresh air sounds wonderful. Pets can also benefit from walks and fresh air, so consider taking a daily walk with Fido this summer. 

If you have a cat, you may be able to convince her to step outside with you. You can try a cat harness and leash to see what she thinks of it. Some cats don’t mind it and some cats have zero intention of wearing a harness—it all depends on your feline’s personality. 

Don’t forget the flea and tick spray if you’re walking in the woods! It’s the time of year when fleas and ticks are really biting.

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Enjoy Summer Activities at the Lake

Summer days were just about made for the lake. Why not grab your pet and head to a nearby lake? Pack a picnic lunch for you and any other humans, then throw in some treats for your pet to snack on. If your dog (or cat!) swims, let them enjoy a little lake time with you. Just be sure to keep a close eye on your pet.

Dog hanging out of a car window with red sunglasses on

Take a Summer Drive with Pets

Dogs are known to love feeling the wind in their ears from a car window. Taking a drive is a great summer activity for you and your pet. You don’t have to go far, and your pet will be thrilled to be with his human. Plus, you can feel that warm summer breeze in your hair too—and we won’t tell if you stick your head out of the window. 

Visit a Pet-Friendly Restaurant

Who wants to cook when it’s hot outside? Summer is the perfect excuse to dine out. Look up local restaurants that are pet-friendly and take your pet with you. This is one of those multi-tasking summer activities, since you’ll get dinner and your pet will get a fun outing with her favorite human. She may even get a few scraps from fellow diners if she’s lucky.

Keep Pets Hydrated During Summer Activities

No matter what summer activities you and your pet do, stay hydrated and stay cool. That goes for both of you! Drink plenty of water and find some shade once in a while, especially on those extra warm days. Summer goes by quickly, so get out there and enjoy a few summer activities with your pets.

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