How to Prepare for a New Pet

Bringing home a new pet can be the perfect mixture of excitement and nerves. Will they enjoy your home? How will this new pet impact your current budget? If you have pets at home already, what will the process look like to get them to peacefully coexist? We have all been there. Here’s a few steps to make this transition easier and most enjoyable for everyone.

Preparing for a new pet

Organize New Pet Essentials

The last thing you want to be doing the day you bring home a new pet is stopping by the store on your way home. Organizing pet essentials beforehand will decrease this stress and make you feel prepared for this new adventure. His or her own crate or bed, food and water bowls, collar with identification, leash, food, a variety of toys and the New PAWS on the Block bundle bundle can help make their new home more comfortable for your new pet.

New PAWS on the Block Bundle

Whether you are bringing home a few month old puppy or an adult rescue dog, their health is the utmost priority. The New PAWS on the Block bundle is how you can be proactive when it comes to the overall wellness of your new pet.

Pet-Proof the Home

Household consumer products injure 33.1 million people in the United States every year. Many standard household products are more toxic than previously thought. Make sure to rid your house of these ten dangerous things to aid in both the new pet and your health. 

Walk through your home and look for other things that curious pets could jump into or squeeze behind to reach. Think about those new shoes you don’t want to buy again, electrical cords, toilet lids, trash can and vent covers.

New Puppy Daily Schedule

Create a New Pet Schedule to Follow

Whether you plan on training your new pet basic skills right away or you simply want to avoid accidents in the house, creating a schedule for your new pet will help make this transition smoother. (It may also help you remember your new duties if you weren’t a pet owner before!) Think about mealtimes and amounts, potty breaks and training as well as playtime. The younger the pet the more often they will need to relieve themselves and want to play.

How to Prepare for Your New Pet

Once you have gathered your new pet essentials, pet-proofed the home and created a schedule, the stress of adding another pet to your home will lessen. Pets have a special way of making our lives better (and there’s even research to prove that we live longer too!). 

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