Small Business, USA Made Pet Products

Take a look at your outfit. Odds are likely that your shirt, pants and shoes were made in different countries. When it comes to your pet, we want to make it easy for you to know where the products you give them are made. That’s why Natural Wonder Pets only uses ingredients purchased from United States companies.

Natural Means Natural

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Have you ever bought a product for the sake that it used keywords like “natural” or “organic”? Until we did our extensive research on what these terms mean and the process to get certified did we realize just how unregulated the usage of these terms are. This is not okay for us. So we searched further. We make sure that the products we are making are truly natural.

Natural isn’t just a promise, it’s our guarantee. 

Our herbs are organically cultivated USDA Certified Organic or wild harvested from native lands to maintain authenticity and purity. Then we place them into our Full Spectrum extraction process, one precious gallon at a time, at the peak of their potency cycle, agitating daily for no less than a fortnight.

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Our Natural Mission

Our mission here at Natural Wonder Pets is to create and deliver directly to you the consumer the most wholesome, naturally safe and effective herbal pet health care products on the market. At Natural Wonder Pets, NATURAL is our promise.

USA Made Products by a Small Business

We believe in knowing what goes into our products. Our customers' pets deserve to live their fullest life. As a result, our products and formulary are 100% proprietary so we know exactly what’s in them. We know of no other herbal extraction method that so painstakingly prepares nature’s bounty for our beloved furry family members.

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What Small Business Means for Natural Wonder Pets

For us, small business means we get the opportunity to continue the practices the original founder started. We make and sell only our own pet health products so that we truly know what’s in them. No other hands have touched our products, from fresh-cut herbs to the final small batch products, until they reach your hands. We are a family owned business working together with the mission of giving your pets a healthy, fulfilled life. 

With the Natural Wonder Pets product you hold in your hands, we can easily cite exactly how that natural remedy was made. We can tell you the precise ingredients inside as well as where the herbs and ingredients come from. This isn’t something pet product companies can say elsewhere. At Natural Wonder Pets we are proud to stand out and be a USA made, natural-focused, small pet product business serving you, our customers and your furry family members.

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