How Long Does a Bottle Last?

At Natural Wonder Pets, we’re always trying to find better ways to keep our furry family members healthy and live life better. That’s why our products are made with all natural ingredients and we’re not just saying that! We mean it!

In this article, we will discuss how dosing works, how long a bottle last and how often you should reorder.

How Does Dosing Work?

Dosing depends on the size of your dog or cat and what product you’re using. Dosing instructions are always listed on the bottle as well! 

Products in our Primalix Series (Adadren, Arthritis, Blood-Sugar Balance, Cataractin, C-Care, CortiQuel, Heart Hardy, Immune, KC Herbal Extract, ThyroPaws, Liquid Detox and others) currently come in a 4 oz bottle. Each bottle also contains a dropper which can be used to administer the herbal remedy to your pet.

How Long Does a Bottle Last?

Cats Dosage

How long does a bottle last for cats?

Dogs Dosage

How long does a bottle last for dogs?

How Often Should I Reorder?

Since our products are made through an extraction process where our special herb blends are steeped in water, shelf life of our products is quite long compared to other natural products. The shelf life of  an unopened bottle of our natural pet products is 5 years. If the bottle has been opened, and with refrigeration, a bottle can typically last 18 months. Our natural pet remedies are still safe for pet consumption after that 18 month time period however the herbs degrade over time resulting in a less potent remedy for your dog or cat. Bottles should be kept out of sunlight as the ultraviolet rays can expedite degradation.

In addition to the shelf life, all our products are small-batch, handmade products and are made to order. Because of this, we recommend having an extra bottle on hand to ensure that you won’t have gaps in care for your furry friend!

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