Primalix KC Herbal Extract for Cats – 4 oz


4 fl oz herbal formula for cats – USDA Certified Organic ingredients, alcohol-free to alleviate symptoms of Kennel Cough

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    • Echinacea root – immunostimulant, antimicrobial, antiseptic
    • Coltsfoot flower – eases cough spasms (antispasmodic), antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, good for relieving the rawness and pain of coughing
    • Marshmallow root – soothes and lubricates internal tissues, soothes skin, antimicrobial, immunostimulant, soothes upper respiratory irritations that are secondary to a dry, raspy cough
    • Mullein flower – antimicrobial, antiviral, cough suppressant, lubricates, soothes, and protects mucous membranes
    • Other Ingredients: Purified Water, USP Kosher Food Grade GMO-Free Vegetable Glycerin, Apple Cider Vinegar and Critic Acid

Dosing Instructions

Give by mouth.

  • Kittens and small cats (up to 5 lbs.) 1/4 dropper (5 drops) three times daily
  • Medium Cats (up to 20 lbs.) 1/2 dropper (10 drops) three times daily
  • Large Cats (21 lbs. and up) 1 dropper (20 drops) three times daily

Refrigerate after opening.
Average treatment time is 10 days.

NOTE: Due to the highly contagious nature of Cat Cough, we cannot accept returns of Primalix KC once the product leaves our facility, even if the bottle has not been opened. No returns, no exchanges. Sorry.


  • Comforts and soothes pet during their recovery but also energizes the immune system to fight microorganisms
  • Rushes soothing relief to irritation almost immediately
  • Gets to the root of the problem
  • Stimulates your cat’s own healing power from within, as nature intended
  • 4 oz Glycerite alcohol-free amber bottle with dropper, all human grade, organic ingredients. Contains 120 droppers full – enough to treat 6 adult cats.

YOU GET TWICE AS MUCH: All Primalix® products contain 4 fl oz, giving you 2 to 4 times more medicine than our competitors’ 1 or 2 ounce bottles that cost about the same and most likely contain harmful alcohol.

Refrigerate after opening.

Weight .5 lbs


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