Do-It-Yourself Dog Dental Care

Do you know the importance of dog dental care? Do you know that a dog’s dental health affects its overall health? It is true, if a dog has poor dental health he is likely to have poor overall health as well. With more than 80% of dogs and 70% of cats having dental problems, it’s time for responsible pet lovers to practice a little DIY (do it yourself) dental care on doggie.

What is Dog Dental Care?

Dogs just like humans need regular care and maintenance of teeth and gums to ensure healthy, long lasting teeth and overall wellness. A common misconception among owners is that because their dog chews on toys, treats, and occasionally things they should not, their teeth get a good enough cleaning. This is just not so. Your dog’s teeth need proper care and cleaning on a regular basis.

Good oral health takes conscious effort for dogs just as much as it does for humans. Think about it: you chew your food, your fingernails, gum, and even your pen tops everyday, but that does not clean your teeth or freshen your breath. If you don’t clean your teeth, tartar builds up causing gum irritation and bad breath (better known as gingivitis), which will eventually cause tooth decay and tooth loss.

From Your Dog’s Point of View

Have you ever wondered why your dog licks his butt? I bet your think it’s because he is cleaning himself, right? No, no, no. He is cleaning himself when he is sitting up with his hind feet jacked in the air and dragging himself by his front legs while scrubbing his butt across your new carpet, in front of house guests! He licks his butt because it tastes better than all that nasty bacteria growing and multiplying in his mouth.

If your dog could talk he would probably say, “Hey man, my teeth hurt, my gums ache, and my breath stinks; won’t you help me out and give me something to clean my teeth?”

What Happens When Dental Care Goes Neglected?

When dental care goes neglected, dog problems occur. Harmful bacteria that are always present in your dog’s mouth begin to grow and multiply at a rapid rate. Tartar then forms on their teeth, their gums become swollen and irritated, and their breath smells rotten. Toxins released by the bacteria eat away at the periodontal ligament, which holds your dog’s teeth in their gums, causing irreversible damage. Your dogs’ teeth ache and throb, and become loose, eventually falling out.

Bacteria now roams the body freely through the blood stream, attacking vital organs such as the heart and kidneys. Damage to these life-sustaining organs is inevitable and, without a transplant, your beloved pet could die.

What is Do-It-Yourself Dog Dental Care?

There are many dog dental care products on the market that claim to clean teeth and freshen breath. Most of them simply cover up the real problem instead of fixing it. Let’s face it, you can put lipstick and a dress on a pig but it’s still just a pig. Instead of a cover up, wouldn’t you rather use something that gets the job done?

Four simple all-natural ingredients are all it takes to clean your dog’s teeth. Those four ingredients are grapefruit seed extract, grape seed extract, propolis, and stevia. Used together, they work to strip away layers of tartar buildup, refresh your dog’s breath, strengthen gums and teeth, and reverse the harmful effects of gingivitis.

To achieve clean teeth and fresh breath, simply apply these four ingredients to your dog’s teeth twice a day for two weeks. Thereafter apply only once per day for ongoing maintenance.

Ok… calm down. I know what you are thinking and the answer is, No, you don’t have to wrestle your dog down, pry open his mouth and drown him with four different potions to clean his teeth and freshen his breath! Although you will not find these four key ingredients in dog treats or other fancy breath fresheners, they are contained in DentaSure, an all-natural oral care spray and gel for dogs and cats.

It is up to you to be a responsible pet owner. When you are thinking up your next DIY home project, think twice before you paint the deck or remodel the kitchen. Make time for a more important DIY project, one that simply cannot wait. Make your best friend’s teeth a priority by practicing a little do it yourself dog dental care before it is too late. Your dog or cat will thank you with years of love and loyal companionship.

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