Why Brush Your Dog Daily? Here are 5 Good Reasons

Should you brush your dog daily? Absolutely!

The importance of brushing and combing your dog can sometimes get lost in the ordinary routines of the day, but here are five good reasons why this simple task should remain a daily priority for you and your dog.

1. Grooming your dog every day not only keeps the tangles out but also provides the fastest way to rid your dog’s coat of dust, pollen, fleas and ticks, and other matter that may have collected throughout the day.  More brushing also means fewer baths. Brushing and combing are all a dog’s coat needs to stay clean on a regular basis. With daily brushing, many indoor dogs will only need a bath every four to six weeks. People and dogs with allergies can benefit from frequent brushing and combing because it means fewer allergy triggers in the fur and the home. 

2. Spending a few minutes every day combing your dog’s coat (instead of just once or twice a week) saves you time in the long run. If you wait until your dog’s coat is already starting to tangle, not only will it take more time to comb, it is also more painful for your dog. Brushing a dog that sheds a lot means you have more control over where that loose hair goes. It can be confined to a small area that is quickly swept up, or left outside where birds can use the loose hair for nesting.

3. Brushing your dog daily promotes healthy skin by acting as a gentle massage and exfoliant. Brushing supports healthy blood circulation that provides nutrients and oxygen to your dog’s skin. Brushing distributes oil from your dog’s epidermis to the coat which will keep your dog’s skin protected and moisturized, leaving the fur with a healthy shine.

What to look for when you brush your dog daily

4. When you brush your dog daily you can use the time to look for sores or anything unusual on your dog’s body. Getting to know what your dog looks like healthy is essential so that if something changes you can recognize it early, perhaps preventing more costly vet bills or lessening the amount of time your dog is uncomfortable.

5. Dogs want to spend time with their owners. Not only is brushing your dog needed for good physical health, it is also essential for their mental well-being. I brush my dog Cooper every day. Okay, he has me trained, but the pleasure is mine too and I use this time to bond with that furry little soul. He is my spiritual guide dog. I consider our brushing time my moment of Zen. Cooper wants me to think he’s in deep meditation, but really, he’s just nodding off. Whatever your reason, your dog – any dog – will love you even more for the blissful experience.

Make it a habit to brush your dog daily. It doesn’t take much time, and the benefits include a cleaner pet and home, healthier skin and coat for your dog, maybe spending less money at the vet, and a possible path to enlightenment.

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