Premalix Cataractin for Treating Pigmentary Keratitis?

We just found out our 7-year old pug, Lily, is developing a cataract. I ordered Premalix Cataractin to treat it. (Received the package in two day. Thank you for the fast shipping!)

Both of our pugs also have pigmentary keratitis (a brown film over the eye). I’m wondering if the Cataractin would help with this condition as well. If so, they will both be taking it.

by Mandy
(Caledonia, MI)

Hello Mandy,

Thank you for your question about our Primalix Cataractin. This formula has not been tested on cases of pigmentary keratopathy (pigmentary keratitis) and we make no claim as to its efficacy for such a condition. Even so, many of our customers report improved general eye health in addition to cataract reduction using Cataractin. If your two pugs were mine, I would give them both the Cataractin but add a combination of lutein, zeaxanthan and astaxanthan for even more nutritive benefit to the eyes. I am not aware of any such formula available for dogs. There may be a compounding pharmacy you could contact to mix the ingredients. Dosing would depend on potency of active ingredients and dog weight. Please let us know how your two buddies progress as time goes on, and thank you for using our product.

Best regards,

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