How Organic Eucalyptus Honey Cured My Dog’s Cataracts

Our dog Bonnie, only 8 years old, developed cataracts. She started to miss when she tried to jump up on the bed, and began bumping into furniture. We never realized when it happened, but suddenly, we noticed that tell-tale bluish film coating her eyes. Our vet told us that he could arrest the cataracts, but not reverse them.

I thought that 8 was too young for a dog to be blind, so I did an internet search. Somebody (god bless her!) recommended using organic eucalyptus honey as eye-drops to fix cataracts, saying that she had cured her own & her dog’s cataracts with honey. Further work with Google revealed that many senior citizens were using honey for their eyes, too. Can’t hurt to try, I thought, and after all, a natural product like honey couldn’t do any harm, even if it didn’t work.

So I started to put one drop of honey in each eye every day. I’d dangle a drop honey on a clean ear-bud and drop it into each eye without touching the eye. Her eyes would tear up and she’d scrunch up her eyes, but the results were visible in one application. In ten days, her cataracts were visibly thinner. In a month, they were gone like magic. She now has her beautiful shiny, brandy-coloured eyes back, although I do put in honey once in a while to make sure her eyes stay clear. I hope this helps all your dogs to keep their eyesight.

Radhika S

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