Finding the Right Supplement Regimen for Your Cats & Dogs

It's here. We've officially entered the "New Year, New You" season of 2023, and this year, my resolutions are looking a bit different than in years past. Instead of focusing on what I need to cut out or stop doing to improve myself and my well being, I am going to focus on what I need to start doing or including in my day-to-day life to improve my overall wellness. A shift in perspective, if you will.

Supplement Regimen for Cats and Dogs

One of the more important things I plan to begin this year is a vitamin and supplement routine. And here's the kicker, I plan to put my husband and two cats on supplement routines as well - lucky them! And because I feel like there are plenty of readily available resources on vitamins and supplements for humans, I figured this blog would be a great opportunity to shed light on the remedies available to our pet family members instead..

Natural Wonder Pets is a one-stop shop for said remedies. They offer a wide variety of affordable and effective organic supplements developed specifically for cats and dogs. In fact, they pretty much have a pet version of everything I plan to incorporate in my and my husband's new routines, so it's all very copacetic.

DailySure Multi-Herbal

The first product I plan to introduce into the cat's routines is a daily multi-vitamin-type supplement. Natural Wonder Pets offers a product called DailySure Multi-Herbal Essential Extract Formula that provides a daily helping of 10 essential herbs that maintains optimum health and well-being in cats and dogs. It's important to include this in their new daily routine because it acts as a substitute for the grasses and herbs that animals in the wild eat to stay healthy and aid in digestion.

Primalix Immune Herbal Formula

I also plan to include an immunity booster in their new routine, because like humans, a pet's immune system is key to their overall health. If the immune system is strong, it can adequately fight off bacterias and viruses to help prevent the pet from becoming ill. However, if the immune system is weak, the pet is more susceptible to developing disease and infection. So, I plan to start giving my cats Primalix Immune Herbal Formula, which is made up of a specific combination of herbs that have been proven to help boost the immune system.


The final supplement I will be introducing into their new routine is Natural Wonder Pet's Relivel, which is a detox supplement that targets the blood, liver kidneys, gallbladder, colon, lungs and skin. This product is made to defend against allergens, carcinogens, harsh chemicals, etc., all of which can enter our pet's systems through the air they breathe or water they drink. And, it's free of alcohol, so the cats can do dry January with us as well!

Please be sure to follow dosing instructions.

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