Herbal Dog Flu Treatment

This herbal dog flu treatment (also a preventative) may be your best alternative to having the vet inject your dog with a vaccine that works on one type of virus but not on the type your dog currently needs protection against.

Vaccinating your dog for the wrong virus is obviously a mistake, but just how likely is it to happen? And how likely are you to find out about it if it does? The answers may surprise you.

Canine influenza, or “dog flu,” is a respiratory infection that affects dogs. Caused by a number of different types of virus, including the H3N2 virus and the H3N8 virus, dog flu is not contagious to humans but is highly communicable from dog to dog.

The symptoms and effects are variable, producing no symptoms in some animals and serious respiratory effects in others. A few facts can help you decide whether you should ask a veterinarian for the canine influenza vaccine or go with the holistic herbal dog flu treatment to protect your furry companion.

How Did Dog Flu Originate?

The H3N8 virus has been present in horses for over 40 years. In 2004 it appeared to have mutated and spread to canines. Another type of influenza virus called H3N2 occurred in the bird population; it adapted itself to canines, and by 2007 it was both a cat- and dog-related virus.

Viruses have the ability to mutate constantly so scientists are watching the dog flu virus carefully to ensure that it does not transfer to the human population. So far it has remained a canine virus. Because it is a new virus in dogs, however, many animals do not have immunity to the disease. 

Symptoms of Dog Flu

Dogs can transmit the infection through secretions from the nose or mouth. In addition, they can pick up the virus from toys or water bowls. An animal that has contracted one of these viruses may show a number of respiratory symptoms or no symptoms at all. A dog may develop a fever, runny nose and cough that can indicate an infection has occurred.

Most dogs recover in two to three weeks. However, symptoms may get increasingly worse, resulting in pneumonia, a serious lung condition. If your dog suddenly displays symptoms of a respiratory infection after being with other dogs, see your veterinarian asap. 

Testing for Dog Flu

If your dog has been at the dog park or among other dogs in a kennel or dog daycare situation, he may have become infected with dog flu. Your veterinarian can administer a test that will be able to tell if the infection is present.

Conventional Vaccine or Herbal Dog Flu Treatment?

A vaccine to protect animals from canine influenza is available. However, the vaccine was developed to protect against infection by the H3N8 virus. At present it is not known whether this vaccine is also effective against the H3N2 virus. The vaccine can be helpful in protecting vulnerable animals against the dangerous respiratory effects of dog flu. Your veterinarian can provide more information about the vaccine and whether your dog should receive it.

Alternatively, a growing number of dog lovers are turning to an organic, herbal dog flu treatment and preventative combo of our Functional Food Drops that (1) Power up the immune system to naturally seek out and destroy invading microorganisms, and (2) Rush soothing relief from symptoms of upper respiratory disease including that hacking cough, gagging, runny nose, watery eyes, lethargy and fever. 

Just like their human counterparts, dogs can receive useful protection against flu viruses from appropriate vaccines. But ask questions first because I’ve seen humans crowd in line with cash in hand only to get injected with a vaccine that was manufactured long before the current, active viral mutation was even known.

Talk to your veterinarian about the canine influenza vaccine for your dog. In the alternative, you may prefer our natural, holistic, organic, herbal dog flu treatment and preventative Recommended Combo that so many of our fellow dog lovers are recommending as the no-drug, no-nonsense natural remedy.

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