Giving Back Times Two!

At Natural Wonder Pets, we pride ourselves in helping our customers find a natural solution to a symptom their dogs or cats are experiencing. Instead of utilizing a heavily odored, toxic chemical for fleas and ticks, we have naturally, handmade products. We believe in making life better for animals so that they live a long, healthy and happy life with us.

This is where our giving back initiative was born. With every order, we donate to a charity whose mission aligns with ours: the betterment of our pets and their wellbeing. Together we will continue to make a difference in the lives of cats and dogs throughout the world, one natural, holistic bottle of product at a time.

August’s Selected Charity

Photo from Veterinary Comparative Oncology Research Foundation (VCORF)

For the month of August, we reached out to a non profit organization called Veterinary Comparative Oncology Research Foundation (VCORF) based in Iowa. This organization works to help people in need pay for their pet’s treatment. 

Their mission is to provide help where many other organizations can only provide hope for betterment. The non profit organization VCOF was created to directly provide a need for the Veterinary Oncology Services and Research Center, the first privately-owned veterinary cancer hospital in the country with a research facility. No longer do pets and their human family members have to wonder how they are going to fund leading-edge pet cancer treatments. VCORF has made it a reality.

Natural Wonder Pets Connection to VCORF

Natural Wonder Pets owners, Eve and Jim Blomquist, connected with the mission of providing care to pets who would otherwise not find treatment. Our products were created with those same pet owners in mind. Whether you are looking for relief from a symptom or simply seeking a solution to the standard chemical-filled treatment, Natural Wonder Pets is here. As Nancy Lewine of Golden Soul Dogs put in when speaking towards the efforts at VCORF,

“We had an adult dog treated by her and her team. They helped her live 20 months past her Lymphoma treatment. We also gave our dog, Skye, your Immune drops while she was in treatment and currently give to our elder dogs!”

Nancy Lewine, Golden Soul Dogs

Stories and connections like these remind us why we do what we do. A special thank you to Nancy for telling us your story about our Primalix Immune and how it benefited your Skye. Another special thank you to those at VCORF. Your work and dedication to pet cancer treatments goes behind what a simple thank you will cover. We are inspired by your work and look forward to reading more success stories from your team soon!

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