8 Cool DIY Dog Toys From Stuff You Throw Away

These 8 DIY dog toys are not only free and easy to make, they may even help with the house cleaning. Or not?!

But if you’re like me, you know there’s almost nothing sweeter than the excitement in your dog’s eyes when you bring home a new toy. Playing with your pooch stimulates their mind, keeps them fit, and strengthens your bond.

Unfortunately, buying accessories from the pet shop can be expensive, and most dogs aren’t even interested in their toys after the initial play session. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap, easy, puppy-safe and homemade dog toys you can create in your own home out of stuff you normally throw away.

DIY Dog Toys:

Padded Water Bottle

Wrap an old T-shirt around an empty plastic bottle and use the sleeves to tie it in place. Your dog will love the crunchy sound and texture of this innovative chew toy, but the soft fabric will protect their teeth. 

Treat-Stuffed Cereal Box

Hide some dog treats or a handful of dry food nuggets inside an old cereal box and use tape to close it up again. The rattling sound and delicious smell will keep your dog excited as they try to find ways to open the box and get at the treats inside. 

Tennis Ball Sock

Pop a tennis ball into a big sock or pair of pantyhose and tie the end into a knot. This rolling diy dog toy will keep your dog occupied for hours and stop him or her from endlessly losing tennis balls under fences, sofas, or into tight corners. 

Shoebox Maze

Lay out lots of upturned cardboard boxes and hide treats under a couple of them. Let your dog loose and see how long it takes them to identify the treat boxes, and then see how quickly they manage to knock the obstacles over and get at the treats underneath. 

Treat-Stuffed Glove

Put a small dog treat into each of the fingers of an old glove and toss it to your pup. They’ll have to use all their cunning to shake out each of the treats, so this easy DIY dog toy will keep them occupied for at least half an hour. 

Knotted Fabric

Tie as many thick knots as you can into an old T-shirt, a towel, or even a blanket if you’ve got a big dog. This is the perfect DIY chew toy, and the thicker the knots, the harder it’ll be for your pup to tear it apart. 

Plastic Milk Container

If you’re feeling lazy, simply rinse out an empty plastic milk carton, throw away the lid, and toss it to your dog so he can enjoy a game of fetch along with the crinkly noises of the thick plastic diy dog toy. Keep an eye out if they start to rip it apart, as you don’t want them to swallow any plastic. 

Frozen Sock Ball

Take a thick wool sock and roll it inwards so that the ankle hole is inside the toe end and the shape is approximately like a ball. Pop it into the freezer for a couple of hours; the result will be a safe but solid, chewable dog toy.

BONUS DIY DOG TOY: I like to give my three Dachshunds a little extra chewing pleasure in the frozen sock ball department. I dip natural wool or cotton socks (rolled up) in a mixture of stevia natural sweetener and water (one teaspoon stevia in one cup water). I let excess water drip from the socks so they are thoroughly moist but not soggy, then I place them in freezer. And by the way, Stevia is the zero-calorie natural sweetener that helps prevent dog dental problems

Your pooch will truly be your best friend after you make one of these easy DIY dog toys. So clean up your house, gather up your stuff, and let’s get ready to play!

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