What Pet Dental Spray Manufacturers DON’T Want You to Know …

Most popular pet oral care manufacturers spike their products with 190 proof Grain (Ethyl) Alcohol. Twice the strength of vodka, straight alcohol makes up a whopping ONE-FOURTH (25% by weight) of their product’s ingredients.

That’s like serving our beloved animal companions a 50 proof coctail with every application! These other manufacturers don’t want you to know about this, so they try to hide it. But fortunately, YOU DID READ THE LABEL … DIDN’T YOU?

“Even a small amount of a product containing alcohol can cause significant intoxication.” American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Your dog is much smaller than you and so is much more susceptible to the poisonous effects of alcohol, including death.” Dr. Andrew Jones, DVM

Even small amounts of alcohol, especially in small dogs and cats, can cause life-threatening toxicity.” PetPoisonHelpline.com

“Dogs are not equipped with the protective enzymes that allow humans to imbibe reasonable amounts of alcohol without harm. Because most dogs are smaller than humans and are more sensitive to alcohol, it does not take a lot to cause serious problems.” Canine Taboos – National Geographic Society

“Dogs and cats can get more than just drunk when they drink alcohol – they can get a trip to the emergency room. Pets can die from alcohol ingestion.” Becky Lundgren, DVM

“The first among the list of bad foods for canines is alcohol.” Buzzle.com

“For the record, alcohol always appears on the top of the list of “things that are toxic to pets”. Drs. Foster & Smith

DentaSure® 100% Natural Oral Care Spray & Gel for Dogs and Cats helps Remove Plaque & Tartar – Reverse Gum Infection – Fight Cavities – Freshen Breath – Support Healthy Gums and Teeth – all Human Grade Ingredients – No Tooth Brush Needed – No Dangerous Anesthesia – No Harmful Alcohol – and Tastes Good, too!

Ingredients: Filtered water, Grapefruit Seed Extract from Organically grown grapefruit, Grape Seed Extract, wildharvested Propolis, and pure & natural Stevia. Our DentaSure® Gel contains the foregoing ingredients plus pure, natural, Kosher, Gluten Free, Vegan, non-GMO Xanthan Gum. That’s it! Nothing more, nothing less. ZERO% Alcohol.

PetzLife Oral Care Spray and Gel – 25% Grain (Ethyl) Alcohol

Leba III Pet Dental Spray – 25% Grain (Ethyl) Alcohol

Only Natural Pet Oral Care – 15% Grain (Ethyl) Alcohol

Plaque Attack Dental Spray – 12.5% Grain (Ethyl) Alcohol


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