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Primalix C-Care PLUS Primalix Immune Combo for Dogs and Cats

If a pet does develop cancer, this is a time when supplementation becomes a vital part of the treatment. Working to treat cancer goes hand in hand with immunity boosting. Supplements like Primalix Immune® and Primalix C-Care® act together to reinvigorate the immune system and fight off the cancer.

Supplementation should always be discussed with your holistic veterinarian, and should be part of a healthy lifestyle that includes high quality food, exercise, and lots of human affection.

Primalix® C-Care PLUS Primalix Immune (Cat and Dog Cancer): 1 Primalix® C-Care 4 oz and 1 Primalix Immune 4 oz

Primalix Immune® is NOT recommended for dogs and cats with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, nor for animals on immune suppressing drugs.

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