Frequently, dog cataract medicine can be a safe and effective alternative to risky and expensive eye surgery. Picture yourself enjoying a morning romp in the park with your beloved Golden Retriever. She seems happy to be outdoors, but somehow she’s not her usual self. Then in the sunlight you notice a light gray film spreading …

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Your dog likes to chew things. So does mine. Chewing is a natural instinct and you can’t always prevent them from putting things in their mouth. But just as people can choke if an object gets lodged in their windpipe, so can dogs. Your dog may have tried to swallow a piece of food too …

Could You Save Your Dog from Choking? Read More »

Aromatherapy for dogs and cats can be both safe and helpful. Just as the therapeutic properties of aromatherapy are well documented for humans, our four-legged friends also have much to gain from aroma’s effects. Here’s how to get up to speed before proceeding. How does aromatherapy work? Aromatherapy uses plant essential oils and hydrosols to …

Aromatherapy for Dogs: Is it safe? Can it help? Read More »

Finding the best diet for a dog with cancer is as important as finding the best treatment for the actual disease. Nutrition is important at every stage of a dog’s life. When your canine companion becomes ill, whether chronically or terminally, a stepped-up dietary support plan becomes critical to ultimate survival as well as quality of …

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